World-class educational journey

Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) was founded in 2014 based on the need for an independent training institution that focuses on the training of professionals in audiology and hearing conservation and education of parents and teachers working with children diagnosed with hearing loss.

ETI is a non-profit academic institute. Training is offered through self-directed learning as well as practical contact sessions. ETI, in collaboration with its partners, develops and manages formal online training programmes aimed to equip professionals and individuals in the principles and practicalities of a specific field relating to hearing health care and education.

By applying itself with passion, ETI strives to use the most innovative approaches, backed by only the best technology, to create an environment in which all students will not only learn optimally, but flourish professionally as well.

ETI is an independent training institution which means it has no association with specific products but rather focus on the promotion of hearing health care and education services worldwide. ETI aims to reach audiences globally through easily accessible learning programmes and interactive content.


To make hearing loss invisible through the training of professionals and parents according to international best practice.

ETI trained professionals from 47 countries:

Algeria; Austria; Bahrain; Belgium; Botswana; Bulgaria; China; Croatia; Czech-Republic; Egypt; Ecuador; Ethiopia; Gambia; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Haiti; Iran; Iraq; Jordan; Kenya; Kuwait; Kongo; Lebanon; Libya; Malaysia; Mauritius; Morocco; Namibia; Nigeria; Oman; Qatar; Republic of Korea; Rwanda; Saudi Arabia; Singapore; Somalia; South Africa; Switzerland; Tanzania; Tunisia; Uganda; United Arab Emirates; USA; Yemen; Zambia and Zimbabwe.