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Hearing Aid Acoustician Foundation Programme

This programme is ideal for persons who want to start working as a hearing aid acoustician, and will be working alongside a qualified hearing aid acoustician and/or ear, nose and throat specialist.

  • Modules and Outcomes
    The hearing aid acoustician foundation programme consists of 4 modules:
    Module 1: Sound, the ear and hearing
    Know the difference between hearing and hearing loss by learning about sound properties (specifically frequency and intensity), how the ear works and disorders of the ear.
    Module 2: Basic hearing tests
    Perform basic hearing tests and interpret hearing test results. Interpretation of results include knowing when a person will benefit from hearing aids, when a person needs advanced hearing tests and when someone needs to be referred to a medical professional.
    Module 3: Hearing aid technology
    Have knowledge about how hearing instruments work, hearing instrument technology, ear moulds (coupling devices) and how to take ear impressions.
    Module 4: Hearing aid fittings, follow up and basic repairs
    Perform basic hearing aid fittings, perform follow up adjustments and basic repairs.
  • Programme requirements
    All programmes are offered through online blended learning.
    IT requirements
    Computer/laptop with internet access.
    Participant requirements
    English language skills, basic computer literacy and existing relationship with a qualified hearing aid acoustician and or ear, nose and throat specialist.
    Academic requirements
    Proof of higher education certificate.
  • Registration
    Register for individual modules, or the complete programme and a practical training workshop.
    Module registration

    Each of the 4 modules of the hearing aid acoustician foundation programme can be accessed individually. Module registration and completion to be done consecutively.

    Cost per module: US $150
    Registration date: Open
    Duration: 4-6 weeks per module
    Foundation programme

    Registration for full programme

    Programme cost: US $500
    Registration date: Open
    Duration: 4-6 months (4 modules)
    Practical training workshop

    Register for a one-week practical workshop, offered by the Eduplex Training Institute, three times per year. Training takes place in Pretoria, South Africa. Costs exclude participants' travel and accommodation. Information regarding the practical training workshop (cost, dates, etc.) will be provided to students upon completion of the foundation programme.