To equip persons in acquiring adequate understanding and practical skills pertaining to paediatric diagnostic hearing tests and hearing aid fittings, through an interactive online learning approach.


Ideal candidates are people working with children in a healthcare facility.

Candidates will be required to complete an entry examination to determine whether basic audiological principles pertaining to adult hearing tests and hearing aid fittings are clearly understood.

Application requirements – laptop including webcam and microphone, with high-speed internet.

The programme is offered in English and candidates must have the ability to communicate effectively verbally and through writing to ensure successful completion of all academic activities.

Student intake:

15 January 2024 31 January 2024
15 July 2024 31 July 2024


The programme consists of 4 modules where all learning activities are presented through an online virtual classroom.

The programme is offered as a part-time, distance learning programme. The pace of learning is mostly self-directed with interaction sessions with online tutors. Online tutors and academic support staff guide students to complete the programme within the suggested time frame and provide academic support.

Students write examinations at home or at work  whilst, a dedicated assessor observes and analyses the physical surroundings and online activities.


Online learning and examinations take place over  a period of 5 months. Upon completion of all online activities, students attend a (5-day, South Africa) or (10-day, International) practical workshop, presented in Pretoria, South Africa. During the practical training, theoretical content is revised and practical sessions are undertaken in the presence of experienced paediatric audiologists. A final practical examination needs to be completed.

*Study breaks are scheduled over Easter and Christmas holiday season.

A Certificate of Completion is issued once all relevant learning activities are  completed successfully.

* Terms and Conditions are included on the website and form part of the registration process.


For more information or to register, feel free to contact us.

Dorette Swiegers
Academic Co-ordinator

What will I learn?
How to perform diagnostic hearing tests and hearing aid fittings in babies and young children.

Who should apply?
Persons working in healthcare, or special education schools where there is an established hearing healthcare facility.

How  long will I study?
5 Months part-time online training.


10-day Practical Training Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa

How much does it cost?


Training included. Travel & accommodation for your own account.

South Africa:

5-day Practical Training Workshop in Pretoria, South Africa

How much does it cost?


Training included. Travel & accommodation for your own account.

1. Children’s hearing and hearing loss  
2. Paediatric hearing assessments  
3. Hearing devices for children with hearing loss  
4. Communication and educational support  
Practical Training Workshop: Pretoria, South Africa  


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