1. Eduplex Training Institute (ETI) with the registration number 2009/008120/07, trading inter alia as ETI, is a company who markets and sells its own programmes as well as administrates and facilitates distance education and online learning.

2. Availability is limited for all programmes. Registration is at the sole discretion of ETI.

3. You may register on a modular basis for specified programmes.

4. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to familiarise him/herself with the requirements and the rules for each programme enrolled for as well as with the minimum requirements in order to pass the specific programme.

5. The prospective student warrants that:

– The information provided in the Application Form is both true and correct;
– All additional documentation provided is true and correct (copies of the original);
– He/she acquainted him/herself of the curriculum, the requirements and qualifications of the programme enrolled for; and
– If the programme for which the student is enrolled requires practical work or internship the student shall comply with such requirements.

6. The prospective student hereby confirms that all documentation submitted is valid and authentic.

7. ETI remains entitled to recover all costs incurred from the student for fraudulent documentation submitted.

8. All applications undergo an academic and finance approval process. The prospective student consents to ETI verifying all qualifications. Once the respective requirements have been met and registration is completed, the prospective student (then “Student”) will be subject to ETI’s terms and conditions and rules and regulations.

9. All services rendered by ETI subsequent to the registration will be subject to ETI’s terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations. These are available on request. All requests should be directed to ETI at eti@eduplextraining.com. It is the prospective student’s responsibility to familiarise him/herself with the terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations.

10. ETI may on discretion of the Registrar, register a prospective student without evidence of previous qualifications. However, should the prospective student fail to submit the required documentation within thirty (30) days of registration, the registration may be cancelled while the prospective student remains financially liable for all costs incurred plus a penalty fee (determined on an annual basis).

11. All amendments or adjustments the prospective student wishes to make to his/her application and/or enrolment, must be done in writing within thirty (30) calendar days from the signature date of the Application Form.

12. ETI reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration, refuse the student to write examination or withhold results if payment is not effected as stipulated. Qualifications will not be issued if the account is not fully paid.

13. A certificate signed by the accountant of ETI will be prima facie proof of indebtedness to ETI and the certificate may be used for purposes of instituting action and judgement.

14. ETI may cede or assign the rights contained herein at any time to any institution without the prior consent of the student.

15. The address provided in the Application Form by the student, is his/her address for purposes of delivering legal notices or communications related to the agreement between him/her and ETI. The student undertakes to notify ETI of any change in address in writing by e-mail.

16. It is the responsibility of the student to avail him/herself of all exam times and venues and/or programmes enrolled for.

17. Subject credits may be applied for within the guidelines set by ETI and subject to payment of the prescribed fees.

18. ETI absolves itself from any claim where a qualification is not recognised by the Department of Education. In a case where a student had falsely claimed to be in possession of a previous qualification or any other requisite entry requirement, the student will automatically be de-registered without repayment of fees.

19. The student acknowledges that he/she is fully liable for all fees and costs in respect of the enrolment of a programme and accepts responsibility for paying the full programme fee on or before the stipulated dates.

20. A prospective student may cancel his/her application within seven (7) days from date of receipt of the Application Form by ETI without any cancellation charges. As a result of limited availability in all programmes and not limiting the student’s liability herein, cancellation subsequent to the initial seven (7) days shall be subject to a cancellation charge (as determined on an annual basis).

21. No variation or amendment to or waiver of any rights or cancellation hereof will be valid unless in writing and issued and signed by an authorised representative of ETI (except in the event of an increased programme fee).

22. The student hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court and acknowledges that he/she is liable for all costs, including costs for an Attorney and own Client scale should the programme fees not be paid according to the method of payment selected in the application form within thirty (30) days of registration. All amounts payable are exclusive of costs, including bank costs and no set-off may be applied.

23. It is specifically recorded that all intellectual property rights whatsoever, whether capable of registration or not, including but not limited to ETI’s name, nickname, educational programmes, study material, logo and/or image shall remain the sole property of ETI. The student acknowledges and agrees to be liable for a penalty of R100 000 if it is found that the study material of ETI under his/her supervision has been copied or reproduced. If the damages and expenses incurred by ETI exceed the total amount of the penalty payable in terms of this clause, the student shall be liable for the balance of the damages and expenses incurred by ETI due to unlawful infringement.

24. ETI, its directors, employees or its service providers will not be liable for any special, direct, indirect or consequential damages, expenses or losses whatsoever, including loss of profits or data, any delays, whether in an action in contract or delict, arising out of the use of ETI’s educational programmes, study material and/or books.

25. The student hereby consents and grants authority to ETI to conduct credit checks, searches and the like with any credit agency or party for the purpose of ascertaining the credit worthiness of the student and/or account holder.

26. No failure by either party to enforce any provision of this agreement shall constitute a waiver of such provision or affect in any way a party’s right to require performance of any such provision at any time in the future, nor shall the waiver of any right arising from any subsequent breach nullify the effectiveness of the provision itself, or be used as an estoppel against any party in respect of its rights under this agreement.

27. With the signing of these terms and conditions the student gives ETI permission to upload his/her results to the National Learners Records Database (NLRD) as per the requirement set by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

28. ETI is not an accredited private institution of higher education or further education and training in terms of the National Qualifications Framework Act 67 of 2008 and will therefore not be authorized to issue any certificate or qualification as prescribed in terms of the Act. ETI will only issue certificates confirming completion of a course by a student.